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Alvin and the Chipmunks in "Grand Entrance" is a Sawyer's View-Master reel, featuring The Alvin Show generation of The Chipmunks and Dave Seville, which is number one of three in their Cartoon Carnival release. The seven frame story reel is viewed through a stereoscopic viewer that combines two opposite frames into a single image and contains a 10-page story booklet to go along with the pictures of each reel.


Alvin couldn't get Dave Seville to listen to his idea so he and his two brothers went ahead with a very daring plan. It involved a song, a novel entrance and Hazel. Dave was truly "floored" when he saw it.


Alvin and his brothers burst into Dave's room to pitch their folk singing idea with Hazel, but Dave shoots it down not wanting any funny business on stage. Since they already purchased Hazel, Alvin has an idea to make their plan a reality. The night of the performance, Dave nervously takes the stage with no idea where the boys are until he hears singing at the back of the audience. The Chipmunks move through the audience riding Hazel, a cow! Dave is upset considering they promised no funny business, though Alvin reminds Dave that they aren't on-stage. Dave orders them on-stage, despite Alvin's reluctance, and the stage collapses under Hazel's weight. Dave apologizes to Alvin, and they sing a song, to the delight of Hazel and the audience.



  • The other two reels in this release include King Leonardo in "A Royal Blow" and Supercar and "The Cave Monster."
  • These three reels originally sold together for $1.25.
  • This same story was also released as a Tru-Vue Film Card, viewed through the Tru-Vue stereoscopic viewer, in 1963 with a different synopsis.

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