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Gossip Guy is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The school newspaper has a sudden increase in sales when a gossip column appears poking fun at other students.[2]


Theodore and Kevin are trying to sell the school newspaper, but no one is buying them. Except Derek and his group (who are using them as spitballs). Warren, Kevin, Cheesy, Simon, Eleanor, and Theodore discuss the things for the newspaper. The next day, the newspaper likes are increasing. People are reading about Derek the wedgie giver. Kevin thinks Theodore wants people to know it wasn't him who wrote it (Theodore actually didn't do it). They all gathered up again with the newspaper thing. Simon and Eleanor quit the newspaper thing due to gossiping. Eleanor wants to find the real suspect. And Cheesy offers to help. Alvin is helping Theodore with the newspaper by saving Miss Whiskers from the tree. But then Miss Whiskers puts Alvin on the tree, and leaves Alvin there. Theodore is taking pictures of Alvin. But then Derek comes by, and blames Theodore for taking that picture of him. Derek then chases Theodore leaving Alvin on the tree. Kevin thinks Miss Whiskers saved Alvin from the tree. Then Kevin also thinks Theodore took a picture of Annie picking her nose. And updated it last night. Everyone thinks Theodore took those pictures of him. (Even Kevin who got a gossiping picture). Eleanor sees a bag with T. S. on it. (Which was the same as the initials in the newspapers). Cheesy found something unnecessary (a bagel and a paperclip). Theodore hides behind the bag. Everyone who got gossiped came in. The bag had more gossiping pictures. Theodore proves he didn't take those pictures. A man came into the room. (He's the owner of the bag). He says he took those pictures to make the kids feel how they would get bullied after bullying a lot of people. Kevin claims he tried to blame it on Theodore. He put his initials there. He said his name was Timothy Sutter. No student known his name when he taught in the school for 42 years. Theodore takes a picture of him smiling. Theodore made everyone write apologies for the kids they bullied. Alvin and Simon argue on each other to apologize. Kevin wants to write an article of it called When Siblings Fight. But Theodore stops him.




  • The title is likely a reference to the 2007 Teen-Drama TV series, Gossip Girl.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.


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