Good Old Simon is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Simon begins to feel unloved and unappreciated when Dave takes for granted him putting together an exercise bike, as well as considering it standard fare that Simon made the honor roll. In a struggle with himself, the "devil" tells Simon to run away from home whilst the "angel" warns Simon to simply tell Dave how he feels. Simon gives into to temptation. As a result, he decides to stow himself on a cargo ship, the Capricorn Queen. While Dave is out recording a new song, Theodore and Alvin rush to find Simon. When they find him, he refuses to leave. After the ship sets sail for the unknown, the boys are caught by the captain and forced to work off their passage. Dave returns home to an empty house, and when he sees the certificate, he says to himself he was patronizing Simon, which was wrong of him to do. He then sees a note from Theodore saying they are on the Capricorn Queen, where a shocked Dave rushes off to alert the authorities.

During a storm the captain and crew get trapped in the captain's cabin. When the bridge is unmanned, Alvin panics whilst Simon tells Theodore to free the captain as he is going to get his old geography book. When Alvin says an emergency is not the time for schoolwork, Simon calmly says he is going to use the textbook to check it against the ship's charts to steer them home. Theodore manages to get the hatch open just as Simon manages to get the ship on course into the harbor. The captain praises Simon for his levelheadness, and when the ship pulls into port, it has become a media event. Dave greets the boys, telling Simon he will never brush him off again. When a reporter says all this happened because Simon ran away from home for being boring, a bunch of girls praise his heroism and think "dull is wonderful".




  • This episode introduces Simon’s inferiority complex.
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