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Good Luck Mr. Whiskers is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore is convinced that Miss Croner's missing cat is the cause of a terrible curse. And the only way to break the curse is to find Mister Whiskers.[3]


The Chipmunks and The Chipettes are playing charades when they hear Miss Croner calling for her cat, Mr. Whiskers. They meet her outside where she informs them the cat's missing and if he isn't found a curse will fall upon the "village." They go back inside shortly before the lights go out and Dave injures his back. Afraid of being alone, everyone follows Dave to the circuit breaker at which they find a cat toy. Alvin, unconcerned with the cat curse, goes to bed only to have a nightmare about the curse. In the morning Alvin is anxious to start looking, but Dave's car won't start and there are paw prints on the hood. Inside the Seville House, Eleanor hands everyone a list of jobs and Alvin offers Dave's car as a reward. As the bad luck continues, Theodore is dressed as a mouse to be used as cat bait. Miss Croner stops by and believes, from some paw prints, Mr. Whiskers is in The Chipettes' Treehouse. She tells them the curse might soon be permanent scaring Theodore into wanting to sleep over with the girls. That night, Jeanette discovers Mr. (really Miss) Whiskers under her bed with kittens. They take Miss Whiskers home and Jeanette works out the conditions with Miss Croner about her cat's return. Back at the Seville residence, a man wants to trade a black cat for Dave's car as promised in the reward poster, leading to Dave yelling "ALVINNN!!!"




  • Jeanette is a cat whisperer - fluent in cat language. Although, she was also seen talking to a dog.
  • Dave's car is named Betsy.
  • This episode marks the first appearence of Shirley, and she is revealed by Jeanette to be a bed-wetter.
  • This episode was one of the few that didn't premiere on Nick Jr in the UK but instead on POP.
  • Part of the Who Ghosts There DVD.


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