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Girls Night Out is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Dave discovers he's not too good at roughing it outdoors when he goes on a day hike with the Chipettes.[2]


The Chipettes express their excitement for movie night having picked a film and made refreshments. Meanwhile, The Chipmunks, equally excited and dressed as super heroes, leave with Dave to Comic Fest forgetting movie night. The following day the sisters vent to Dave about being forgotten before Dave explains, making the situation worse. In order to make it up to the sisters, he agrees to do whatever the girls wanna do together for the rest of the day. They decide to go hiking, surprising Dave for he thought they might of wanted to spend the day at the mall instead. During the trip he attempts to travel easier routes for the sake of the girls or be overprotective of them, each time finding the trail difficult for him and easy for The Chipettes. When they stop to eat, Dave tries to be friendly to a bug, as Jeanette did earlier, only to learn how dangerous it was. Dave strives to maintain a tough appearance in front of the girls, asking if they need breaks when he's clearly the one who does despite claiming he's more used to being out in the woods. The girls agree to step in up a notch, climbing up a cliff; Dave slips and the girls have to save him though his back goes out. Seeing as he needs rest, The Chipettes construct him a shelter and fire. Remembering the boys, Eleanor calls Miss Miller to watch them. As the sisters take care of him, Dave finally acknowledges the many skills they have. His back is better in the morning and the girls take their DB (delicate bloom, the nickname they created for Dave) to the spa.




  • The Chipmunks' superhero outfits from several previous episodes make reappearances.
  • Dave and the Chipettes hiking in the wild is similar to when they were looking for the Chipmunks in A Chipmunk Reunion.
  • Dave's fear of snakes is shown again, which was first stated in Snake Charmer.
  • Karate Rage might be a reference to Karate Kid.
  • The Nicktoons UK airing of this episode cuts out some parts of the scene where The Chipettes are saving Dave from falling off a cliff.
  • A sneak-peek was posted on Nicktoons UK.
  • Dave nearly says son of a B word.


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