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Germs is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore becomes obsessed with cleanliness after a speaker at school talks to the class about the danger of germs.[2]


Miss Smith informs her class that it's nearly flu season prior to the introduction of a special guest, Germ Jerry. The man, dressed in a yellow protective suit, describes the nature of germs, terrifying Theodore. As The Chipmunks and Jeanette walk home, Theodore becomes increasingly concerned about his contact with germs and rushes home to brush his teeth after drinking from Jeanette's bottle. Simon attempts to calm him though his brother gloves up and begins cleaning the room, certain the germs are coming to eat him alive. Theodore's obsession to sanitize grows and he steadily covers himself until he's in a suit similar to Germ Jerry. Alvin and Simon recognize the problem, but Dave thinks he's just going through a phase. Answering the door bell reveals an antibacterial bubble Theodore intends to live in. That night Theodore has a nightmare about Dave and his brothers turning into germ monsters. The fright of the dream causes him to flip in his bubble leading him tumbling down the street and into the dump. Theodore returns in the morning, covered in garbage germs. Simon explains that germs aren't all bad and some are necessary to be healthy, changing Theodore's perspective of germs. Happy, the green-clad chipmunk attempts to hug everyone only for them to run away to avoid getting garbage residue on them.




  • Simon mentions at the beginning of the episode that the drawing on the chalkboard is of a coronavirus, a large category of viruses named for the crown-like spikes on their membranes.
    • Some people say this episode predicted future events, as the first Covid-19 report before the ongoing global pandemic was identified in December 2019, ten months after the episode aired in the USA.
  • The Black Death (also known as the Pestilence, the Great Plague or the Plague, or less commonly the Black Plague), to which was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, is mentioned in this episode.
  • Plague commonly infects American Chipmunks, but they didn't always have it. European settlers have anthropogenically introduced plague to the United States by releasing non-native rodents (such as the brown rat) into the open, which in turn infected chipmunks and several other native rodents.


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