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Geizmo's Day Out is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin kidnaps Simon's robot Geizmo, he gets a lesson parenting a child going through their terrible twos.[2]


Alvin attempts to gain access to Simon's Workshop and is repeatedly electrocuted until Simon finally lets him and Theodore in. Alvin's surprised to see Simon inside the basement room with his robot, learning his appearance was a test to see if Simon could trust his brother. The two argue, and when Alvin insults Simon's "emotional intelligence," they roll around fighting. Dave breaks them up and talks to Simon one-on-one about moving Geizmo over to Jeanette's, without Alvin seeing, before his trip to a sustainable living camp. Jeanette agrees to hold onto and work with the robot, who Simon programmed with an age of five. Dave spots the attic ladder down, as the result of Alvin looking for Geizmo, before closing it twice and locking Alvin in the attic. The red-clad chipmunk escapes out the window and learns Jeanette is the one hiding Simon's invention. That night Alvin sneaks into the girls' treehouse to steal him, convinced Jeanette won't tell Simon she lost him. Simon finds out Alvin stole Geizmo to do his chores so he remotely reprograms the bot to be a cranky two-and-a-half year old, allowing Jeanette to not worry about him. After breakfast Alvin returns to his room to find it a complete mess; Alvin tries to get Geizmo to help him clean, but the robot wants to play and have fun instead. When he's unable to contact Jeanette Alvin's forced to please the cranky bot by going to the toy store. On the way back Jeanette runs out pretending she just now found him, to the delight of Alvin. Inside the Seville House he finds Simon on the couch admitting he was wrong to not give Alvin time with Geizmo so he allows the two to have a sleepover in a tent, to Alvin's dismay.




  • This episode's title and premise shares similarities with the 1994 film, Baby's Day Out.
  • In the UK airing, most of the beginning was largely cut for UK TV regulations (Alvin was shown to be violently electrocuted around eight times while attempting to enter the passcode to Simon's secret lab).


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