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Geizmo is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as the emotionally intelligent robo-toddler created by Simon Seville.

Geizmo was invented by Simon to be emotionally intelligent and have the ability to learn, though this backfires completely once he is exposed to the internet.


Geizmo's appearance is that of a silver-blue robot with a square-shaped head, rounded ears on the sides and an antenna on top. He has a cylindrical, cone-like body with cyan lines and a magenta bow-tie. His eyelids are dark blue, while his eyes and his mouth are a teal color. He has three, thin fingers on both ball-shaped hands, and rectangular feet. Additionally, while not counting the antenna, he's half the size of Simon - coming up just below the chipmunk's chest.


Geizmo's personality is that of a young toddler, specifically of the ages 2 to 5. Like an infant going through their terrible twos, he's very much prone to temper tantrums if nothing goes his way.


  • His arms, legs and neck are extendable.
  • He squirts water from his bow-tie if anyone were to try touching or taking it.
  • He has an interest in spoons, and is shown to like doing crossword puzzles.
  • He has built-in GPS tracking device located within his rounded ears.
  • He's able to cut his way through an locked door, even if that door has 4 bolts on it.
  • He likes machinery, and enjoys helping to fix them.
  • He's also shown to be fairly water-resistant.
  • Alvin is referred to as his "Uncle Alvin."
  • Miss Miller refers to him as Gizzer, while Officer Dangus calls him Geemo and Geelo.
  • Some of Geizmo's favorite shows include Rinse and Spin, Elevator Wars, Night Light Switches and Escalator Madness.