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Food for Thought is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Theodore will not be able to graduate and go to Funland if he doesn't pass his history test on the American Revolution. Alvin helps him study by telling him the story of Christopher Columbus. Apparently, the queen, Queen Isabella, sent Chris across the world to get some spices for her soup under the promise he could name the new world after himself and all school kids will get out of school on his birthday. After Alvin messes up the story (by saying Columbus fell off the edge of the Earth), Simon takes over. Once Columbus arrived at what he believes is the East Indies (really the Bahamas), he tried to name it after himself (Columbus Land), but the natives (who he calls Indians) rejected the idea. A fellow explorer named Amerigo found the East Indies (really America) and, unlike Chris, managed to name the new land after himself. The next part of the review dealt with the pilgrims. The pilgrims went to America and created Thanksgiving as a thanks for surviving the harsh winter despite their odds.

The American colonials were tired of expensive tea, so they revolted starting with the Boston Tea Party. They win the first war (the American Revolution), sign the Declaration of Independence, and fight in the War of 1812. After Theodore believes everything was great after the war, Simon tells him of a more legendary war against the Indians. General George Custer led his troops to fight Chief Sitting Bull but failed. Theodore is quizzed by his brothers and unfortunately only recalls the part about the pilgrims because it was about food. To help Theodore remember important events, Simon cooks him breakfast so he can relate them to foods. The method works to secure Theo an A-. Later as Funland, Alvin becomes annoyed at Theodore's new way to retain knowledge, while accidentally getting on the super-fast Space Coaster.




  • Columbus Day isn't Columbus' birthday, as stated in the episode, it's the day he discovered the Americas. For that matter, no one knows exactly when Columbus is born. All that is known is that he was born sometime around 1451.
  • Christopher Columbus never made it to what is now the United States, as stated in the episode, although he did eventually make it to Mexico.
  • Amerigo Vesspucci didn't make it to America, as stated in the episode, he was the first person to make maps of the New World. (The continent's called America because he scrawled his name across the bottom of the maps; people thought "Amerigo" was the country, not the mapmaker.)
  • The first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 did not include turkey, as stated in the episode. Instead, the main course was eel.
  • McPilgrim's is most likely a play on the fast food chain, McDonald's.
  • Alvin "breaks the fourth wall" in this episode.
  • Part of the Alvin's Thanksgiving Celebration DVD.
  • Running Gags:
    • ​The Indians being given T-shirts by Alvin (as Christopher Columbus, the 1st male pilgrim, and General Custer).
    • Simon using an abacus to calculate certain situations, and begins with saying "According to my calculations...".
    • Alvin going offtrack in narrating history, prompting Simon to scream his name.



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