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Film Flam is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks have been on a hot streak with their recent tours. When it is suggested they do a greatest hits video, Alvin realizes that can get expensive. He hires Vic's Video Haven, a cut-rate cinematography business, to produce one. After the concert, Dave decides to play some of their old home movies from when Alvin, Simon, and Theodore were babies. They make fun of each other, each embarrassed by the others' jokes. Dave decides to do business with Vic as well, by hiring him to digitize the old baby filmstrips! Embarrassed about relatives seeing it, the Chipmunks go to Vic's by pretending to be a hard rock band wanting to party with Vic, and steal the film canister.  

Satisfied that that is done, the Chipmunks debut their greatest hits video at a party. However, they see their songs dubbed over the baby video! Alvin realizes Vic must have messed up the films and runs to retrieve the concert film. When he returns back from finding the real concert video, he sees that the audience loved it. 



  • "Rip It Up" originally performed by Little Richard.


  • Goof: When baby Theodore is first seen with grapes, his clothes are pink, but they change to light green when he eats the grapes.
  • Billy Joel, Prince, and Slim Whitman are mentioned.
  • This is the first episode that was not sped up in syndication.