Every Chipmunk Tells A Story is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Dave returns home to find his piano smashed at the bottom of the stairs and covered in pudding. Dave decides to interiogate them separately. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore each have their own biased version of what happened. Theodore is up first to interiogate while Alvin is sent to his room and Simon is told to stay put on the stairs. Theodore explains that he was pressured by his brothers to walk around with a bowl of pudding on his head. Then it’s Simon‘s turn, who explains that Theodore was showing off for Alvin. Finally it is Alvin‘s turn to be interrogated. He attempts to convince Dave that he was diligently doing his homework, then he explains how the piano got to the top of the stairs. After Theodore spilled pudding on the piano after possibly being bullied by Simon, he was forced to help them hoist the piano up the stairs to make use of a chemical created by Simon to remove pudding, when it proved too heavy and fell. Afterwards Simon proclaims they will pay for the piano by doing chores, then does some calculations to work off the piano's value and concludes that it will take 48 years to work off the debt. Dave says he will accept 45 years of indentured servitude and walks out, prompting Alvin to try to convince for reduced time.




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