Eva is a young, selfish Australian orphan who lived in an orphanage owned by the cruel Miss Grudge in the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode The Chipette Story.


Once she overheard The Chipettes singing, she threatened to tell Miss Grudge about it unless Olivia gave up her bracelet (that belonged to Olivia's mother) to her, which she did sadly. After The Chipettes steal it back, Eva quickly tells Miss Grudge that they can sing. Miss Grudge and Eva soon tie up The Chipettes and hide them in the vent to keep them in the orphanage while Olivia gets adopted. After The Chipettes escape the orphanage, Eva runs after them and nearly catches them before Wendy the Kangaroo knocks her into the bushes.


Eva has pasty skin, long tousled black hair tied with a dark blue bow, thin black eyebrows, and pale pink lips. She wears a dark blue jacket with periwinkle lining and cuffs over a white shirt, a grey skirt, long white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. She also sports a dark blue hairband over her head.

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