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Elementary, My Dear Simon is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Simon hosts his own show, playing Sherlock Holmes who investigates several mysterious thefts where nothing valuable is being stolen. The first break-in occurred at a jewelry store in which the thief only steals a glass bead. Holmes concludes that the thief has a "scientific mind" as evidence suggests he melted the lock with acid. Soon after Holmes and Watson leave the first crime scene Holmes catches up on some reading on time travel before the Inspector informs them there's been another robbery. The second crime scene is an accounting building and the only things stolen were a bag of pennies and a panel of glass. The safe was untouched. Holmes has plenty of questions but few answers.

Meanwhile the villain, Professor Moriarty, reads of Holmes investigation on the theft of non-valuables and laughs about how valuable they actually are. The professor is creating a remote matter transfer machine out of the stolen goods and can't wait to outsmart the detective.

The next morning on the way to two more burglaries it's discovered that all the coal at the coal yard has been stolen and only a small violin remains. The first of the two crime scenes is the museum where Holmes discovers the thief stole a telescope with the help of a flying device and left only a toy cat. At the second, a small inexpensive clock was taken and a note with a paper clock reading 6pm was found. Holmes concludes that they need to be at the Cat & Fiddle pub at six that evening.

At the pub Holmes disguises as a server (in which Watson nearly makes-out with) to collect information on the thief but the Professor vanishes. The next morning the Inspector informs Holmes that all the crown-jewels, the bank's gold, and price-less paintings have been stolen. Holmes final figures out that Professor Moriarty is using a matter transfer machine to steal valuables, but Professor Moriarty foolishly leaves a pattern revealing where he is and is arrested.





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