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Dude Ranch is an episode of The Alvin Show series.


Dave and the boys head for a popular dude ranch out west for a vacation. Once they get to their hotel, they discover that Sam Valiant is the room clerk. Hearing that Dave is attempting to create a western song, Valiant keeps pestering Dave to use one of the songs he's written and replace The Chipmunks with himself by using various disguises. Unable to stand him any longer, they quickly pack up and leave. Valiant finally finds himself a partner out in the desert.


Musical Segments[]

The Chipmunks in Home on the Range
Dave and The Chipmunks are out camping and the boys want to go home (Simon's cold, Theodore's scared, and Alvin's hungry). When Dave says they are home, The Chipmunks start singing. While singing Alvin keeps saying "cantaloupe" instead of "antelope," at the annoyance of Dave. At the end of the song, the boys start walking away to find them some cantaloupe with a confused Dave in pursuit.
Alvin in Alvin for President
The segment begins with Dave finishing up some lyrics for The Chipmunks' next song. Meanwhile, Alvin is holding a speech to declare why he should be voted President. After a brief confrontation with Dave, the boys sing their new song with Alvin interrupting occasionally about his campaign. His supports grow until they are all chanting "We want Alvin!" by the end of the song.

Clyde Crashcup Segment[]

Leonardo in Invents First Aid
  • Invents First Aid
Clyde and Leonardo try to create first aid after Leonardo hurts himself. However, when they are creating it, Professor Crashcup is the one that needs first aid.


  • The "Alvin for President" musical segment was available on The Chipmunks' former official home website.