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This article is about the 2011 DVD release. For other uses, see Driving Dave Crazy (disambiguation).

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Driving Dave Crazy is an Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD released on December 6, 2011.


Ever wonder why Dave is always yelling, "Alvinnn!!!"? What does it take to really drive Dave CRAZY? Is it when Dave is about to say "I do" before the wedding is then hijacked by Alvin? Is it when Alvin challenges Dave to a duel with water balloons for the hand of his teacher Miss Stone? Is it when Dave accidentally drinks the boys new shrinking potion and is suddenly the size of a peanut? Find out in this fun-filled musical adventure with your favorite troublemaker, Alvin!


(*) - denotes new release to DVD


  • This DVD was the first one featuring episodes from the 80s series to be released to iTunes for download in anticipation to the release of the new Driving Dave Crazier DVD.[2]


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