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Dr. Sleep is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


In an effort to be more productive, Simon invents a device that can override the need to sleep. But does it work?[2]




  • The title could possibly be a reference to Mike Flanagan's thriller/psychological horror movie, Doctor Sleep.
  • Theodore mentions that not getting enough sleep can lead to hallucinations. This is a real life side effect for people suffering from insomnia (a condition in which people find it impossible to fall asleep at night)
  • The code to one of Simon's laboratories is 1958, which is the year that The Chipmunks were first created.
    • Additionally, Simon standing in the road and challenging a car is a reference to when a chipmunk had jumped out in front of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.'s car and dared him to drive past.
  • Series Running Gag: Miss Croner calls someone by the wrong name - Siegfried instead of Simon.
  • The jetpack from A Is For Alien makes a reappearance.


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