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Double Dangus is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore is keeping everyone waiting at the ice cream store. The boys hear Kevin from outside screaming in horror. A boy stole his bike. Officer Dangus goes to stop the boy. But then, a man elbows him. Then he said "It's go time!". He slammed a siren on his car, speeds after the boy and threw a golden pen on the front wheel making him fall off and straight into the dumpster. Dirk (the guy chasing the boy) threw Kevin's bike to him. Simon asks if he's a cop. Dirk says no. He says he's a detective. Then he says Officer Dangus is his brother. Then Officer Dangus takes the boy out. Dirk drives away with Theodore's ice cream (he already picked) to the Police Station. Dirk is teaching Officer Dangus, and the other officers about a move called King Cobra. He asks Doris for help (Officer Dangus's real first name). The boys tell Dave the whole story during dinner. Theodore and Simon want to commit a fake crime, and let Doris solve it. Simon makes a robot so it could steal things from the Chipette's Treehouse. Dirk and Doris come to the Seville yard. Dirk blames everything on Simon. The next day, Theodore is keeping people waiting again at the ice cream shop. Everyone and Doris have ice cream after going ahead of Theodore. (Except Dirk). Everyone tells Doris to stand up for himself. Except Alvin, who's saying Dirk and him are cool. And Simon and Doris are nerds. Simon then shoves Alvin's ice cream into his face. Theodore comes out with his chosen flavor, Vanilla. That evening, Doris and the other officers have their class with Dirk. During the class, Doris tells Dirk he's a King Mongoose while he's doing King Cobra move. Dirk then does an eagle move. Alvin accepts Dirk is not cool. Doris declines the class, then Dirk leaves. They all are eating ice cream the next day. Then, Doris got a crime to do. Then he throws his ice cream on Theodore. And when he put on his sunglasses. He hit his eyeball. Theodore claims he should've gotten peppermint (the flavor of Doris's ice cream).




  • Officer Dangus' first name is revealed to be Doris in this episode.
  • A sneak-peek was uploaded to Nicktoons UK.
  • The clip of The Chipettes hiding under the blanket is included in the third series opening theme, first seen at the start of season five.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.


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