"Doctor Dolittle/My Friend the Doctor" is a mash-up of two songs originally from the film Doctor Dolittle that is covered by The Chipmunks, featuring Dave Seville, in the album The Chipmunks See Doctor Dolittle.


Well boys you've done very well so far but you can tell me the rest of the Doctor Dolittle story later.
Uh there's something uh very important I've gotta do.

Wait a minute Dave.

Yeah Dave.
You said if we told you the story and passed the test.
You promised us we could go and see the movie again.

Oh did I say that?
Well what are you waiting for?

Let's go.

The Chipmunks:
Well, that's life in the world of Doctor Dolittle
The wonderful world of Doctor Dolittle

He has a profound philosophy

The Chipmunks:
If animals can be friends, says he

The Chipmunks & Dave:
Well, then, why can't we?

Do little things to help them?

The Chipmunks & Dave:
Why can't we?

The Chipmunks:
For every time it starts to rain
And people run indoors again, in swarms
If you remain
Out in the rain
You'll think you're drinking pink champagne
And you will spend your life praying for thunderstorms

Maybe what the Doctor tells me
Isn't altogether true
But I love every tale he tells me
I don't know any better ones

Do you?

The Chipmunks:
My friend the Doctor says the world is full of fantasy
And who are you or I to disagree

Let's hope and pray
That is the way
The life we love will always stay
For my friend the Doctor and me

The Chipmunks & Dave:
My friend the Doctor and me

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