Dear Diary is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipettes learn from their Nanny what a diary is, and each start keeping their own. Wanting to know who is asking who to the dance, the girls start secretly reading each other's diaries and tensions rise when they find unflattering comments written about each other. As revenge, each girl tries to one-up the other by asking their date to the dance before they can but they end up asking the wrong person due to Nanny misspelling Ruuben Walters (Brittany's date) as "Wuuben Voltaires," which turns out to be the name of a four year old kid.

On the night of the dance the three girls end up going to Wuuben Voltaires' house and ask him to choose who to go with but he declines because it's past his bedtime. When Brittany discovers someone else has already asked Ruuben Walters to the dance, the girls talk it out and explain that they meant their criticisms in a positive way. Realizing they were all at fault for violating each other’s privacy and jumping to conclusions, they make up and decide to spend the night together.





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