Dave Rebooted is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Dave gets temporary amnesia so the boys trick him into letting them skip school and go on a ski trip instead.[2]


Alvin argues with Dave over whether or not he needs tutoring at Miss Smith's recommendation as they drive down the road. A dog suddenly crosses in front of Dave's car causing him to swerve and wreck. In the doctor's office he's diagnosed with temporary amnesia and Alvin's forced to help them get home. Alvin informs his brothers of Dave's condition; Simon wants to help him remember, but Alvin points out he needs to remain calm. At dinner Alvin lies to Dave about who he is and what they typically do, leading them to skip school and take a ski trip. The boys have fun down the mountain while Dave learns snowboarding with the help of an instructor. Dave receives multiple calls from Miss Smith though Alvin dismisses her as a crazy fan. That night, The Chipmunks go night skiing and are surprised to see Miss Smith riding up the mountain behind them. They try to outski her only for Simon and Theodore to end up crashing. Alvin makes it to the lodge Dave is having dinner with Sklyer at and convinces him to confuse Miss Smith with a disguise and accent. Alvin, Dave, and Skyler return to the mountain to save Simon and Theo though Dave and Alvin crash to avoid hitting Miss Smith, leaving Alvin with amnesia and excitement about tutoring.





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