Dave's Getting Married is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Dave heads out on yet another date with Marsha, his girlfriend. When Dave is still not home at eleven, The Chipmunks ponder what it would be like to have a mother. Their thoughts are mostly negative so they vow to save Dave. Dave invites Marsha to their house, but the boys aren't thrilled to see her. As time goes by they find she can get along and offer help with all of them. The boys decide to convince Dave to marry her. The next day, The Chipmunks meet Marsha's three boys to go to the beach and almost instantly clash with each other.

Dave and Marsha decide to take their boys on a camping trip to make them get along. When they fight on the road, Dave stops and informs them they will all get along and will all have fun. At camp Simon accidentally spills some liquid in a soil sample of Maxwell's which leads to a mud fight that they cover up from Dave by stating it was an experiment. On the lake Alvin and Chucky catch the same fish leading to yet another fight which they cover up as water gymnastics. Around the fire Theodore and Eddy are involved in a little feud when Eddy steals marshmallows. That night a heavy rain washes their supplies away and they must work together to retrieve everything. Back in town Dave and Marsha decide to hold off on getting married as they aren't ready.





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