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Dad Jokes is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin and Theodore are eating sandwiches, while Dave is talking to Miss Smith on the phone. Dave says a joke to Miss Smith, but she doesn't get it. Dave says he's MC'ing a talent show at their school. Alvin says Dave isn't funny. Dave tells a joke. Theodore laughs with him. But Alvin still thinks he's not funny. Alvin and Theodore go up to Simon in their room. Alvin tells both Simon and Theodore to close their eyes, and think about what'll happen.

Theodore asks Alvin and Simon about where and how did they bring tomatoes. Simon and Theodore want to help Dave. Dave is practicing to make jokes, while Theodore comes in, and gives Dave a costume, and tells him to walk in a funny way. Theodore laughs so loud, the Chipettes and Simon come in. Brittany asks Dave to give her the box. Eleanor and Simon tell Dave to practice the jokes he already have. Alvin comes in. The Chipettes however kick him out out of fear Alvin's brutal opinions would ruin Dave's confidence.

Simon, Theodore, and the Chipettes help Dave practice his jokes while Alvin discreetly hides Dave's steering wheel. On the night of the talent show, Dave rents a car. Embarrassed and nervous about Dave bombing on stage, Alvin calls the cops claiming Dave committed grand theft auto. Alvin doesn't fully understand why Dave wants to MC until Simon and Theodore come up to the bedroom and talk to him about it. They explain that Dave wants to do something he has been afraid to do such as going on stage to MC and if he doesn't go for it, how are his kids going to go for it? Alvin has a change of heart.

When Dave comes in, Alvin reassures Dave that everything will be fine. In the car, Theodore claims Alvin is texting and driving. Alvin says it's for the driver. Brittany takes Alvin's phone, then the police car comes up. Officer Dangus tells Dave about the crime. Dangus finds out about the old rental car excuse. Alvin tries to admit he made a terrible mistake while Dangus shuts him down. Then, Dangus gets a message from an officer. The other kids in the car put two and two together and they angrily confront Alvin. Alvin finally admits his mistake, even saying he deserves to be grounded. Officer Dangus, and all of them get to the school. At the school, Dave tells his first and second joke. But they weren't funny. Then Dave tells things that happened in his life, and they're funny. He even wore the costume, and walked the way Theodore told him to do. Cheesy then tells Dave about Alvin taking his credit card, and buying a boat with it. Dave does not hear this and asks him to repeat it. Meanwhile Alvin claims to Cheesy that Dave didn't know about it which leads to Cheesy telling Dave to forget what he said. Afterwards, Dave tells everyone to chant the Alvin yell with him.




  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.
  • When Dave jokes about Alvin blaming Theodore for a stray dog pooping in the kitchen, this is actually a direct reference to Dog Days, the series' first episode of season two.
  • When Dave jokes about his drummer friend, this is likely referencing The Screaming Caterpillars, who first appeared in the series' season three episode Glory Days.
  • The episode was incorrectly labeled as a rerun by the network, resulting in no ratings being available for its US premiere.[1]


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