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DIC Entertainment (pronounced "deek") was an international film and television production company which was founded in 1971 as DIC Audivisuel by Jean Chalopin in Luxembourg, as a subsidiary of Radio-Television Luxembourg (RTL). The company's name was originally an acronym for Diffusion, Information et Communication.

In 1986, Heyward bought the company, thus making the US headquarters the main base of operations. DIC was independent, and at different times in the past was owned (at times outright, and at times with a half-interest) by The Walt Disney Company, Capital Cities/ABC (before being acquired by Disney) and Bain Capital.

In addition to animated (two of them being The Chipmunks and The Chipmunks Go to the Movies) (and occasionally live-action) television shows, DIC produced live-action feature films while under Disney, including 1998's Meet the Deedles and 1999's Inspector Gadget.

On July 23rd, 2008, DIC was purchased by (and then folded into) the Cookie Jar Group.

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