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"Crashcup Invents the Bathtub/Crashcup's Work Theme (One Finger Waltz)" is an original song performed by Clyde Crashcup, featuring Leonardo, Alvin Seville and Dave Seville, that is based on the "Crashcup Invents the Bathtub" Crashcup segment from The Alvin Show episode Sam Valiant, Private Nose and is part of the album The Alvin Show.


Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce the great inventor Thomas Alva...


Alexander Graham...


Wilbur and Orville...


Well then who?

Clyde Crashcup!

Clyde Crash...
Clyde Crashcup.

Science lovers of the world, ladies and gentlemen, Leonardo.
On this momentous occasion I Clyde Crashcup, inventor of the wheel, the internal combustion engine and the horse to name but a few.
Shall unveil my latest invention soap.
That's s for s and oap for aop, soap.


Oh that's a very good question Leonardo.
I have been asked and intelligent question ladies and gentlemen.
What is soap for?
And to that question I shall give an intelligent answer.
Soap is for eating.
It is palatable to the pallet, delightful to the nostril, vitamin enriched and highly digestible.
And as Socrates once said "The proof of the soap is in the eating".


How did it taste?
Excellent (hiccups) a little water Leonardo.
Yes really delicious.
I believe I have done it again.
Ah what have we here?
A bubble.
A little miracle of nature.
Bubble, bubble toil and trouble.
Innocent bubble you know no trouble.
Ah well back to science.
Curious affect water has on soap.
Indeed curious.
It creates bubble.
B for b and ubble for ubble, bubble.
Does that suggest anything to you Leonardo?
Of course it doesn't but never mind my genius is enough for two.
Let me see.
Dirt, clean, cleanliness, cleanliness next to friendliness.
I have it!
Quick Leonardo back to the laboratory.
There another scientific breakthrough.
My latest invention the bathtub.
Within this vessel ladies and gentlemen man may soak luxuriously in rich creamy suds.
And now on with the bath.
Ladies and gentlemen a bath is comprised of 4 elements.
The soap, the bathtub, the water and me.
I love life and life loves me (humming).
Oh Leonardo open the drain.
Ugh uh unleash the drain.
The drain Leonardo!
What do you mean I forgot to invent the drain?
Ridiculous Leonardo I never forget.
You forget!
Folks I hope to be back with you next week.
But in the meantime I must invent swimming.
Now let me see ugh one, two, stroke...