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Clyde Crashcup and Leonardo is an Alvin and the Chipmunks book.


There is no official synopsis for this book.


Needing a new invention idea, Clyde decides to create the shoe following Leonardo's suggestion for a foot covering. The great inventor leaves for two days before returning wearing what his assistant is certain is a hat on his foot. In attempt to prove the short man wrong, Clyde kicks a hole in a door, inducing pain in his foot. Once the pain dissipated, Crashcup leave the room returning with a shoe Leonardo smiles for. Next, a shoe store is invented to house the new creation. The two men enter the store to discover they already have a customer: an annoyed woman. The woman rudely declares her shoe size and the pair attempt to find her a shoe she likes though none of them are "her" style. Leonardo whispers an idea to Clyde, who exits the store and returns with the giant shoe that hung outside. The woman is furious and proceeds to throw shoes at them until they flee to the safety of empty boxes. There Clyde claims all of mankind will one day wear his invention.



  • This book originally sold for 35¢.
  • The book's front and back covers are washable.
  • In The Alvin Show Leonardo only spoke to Clyde in a whisper of inaudible dialogue, unlike in this book.


The book was illustrated by Bob Kurtz.

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