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Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson is Dave's off-and-on love interest in the live-action film. She is considered the modern replacement for Miss Miller and is shown to be level headed and kind.

She is played by Cameron Richardson.

Alvin and the chipmunks

Claire as portrayed as being level headed and having broken up with Dave Seville due to his inability to take their relationship seriously. At the time of the film Dave is till in love with Claire and is constantly trying to rekindle their relationship throughout the film. One such attempt is inviting her over for dinner in the beggining of the movie.  The dinner ends disastrously and Dave attempts to explain about his recently adopted chipmunks as the reason but only proceeds to alienate a disbelieving Claire even more. However when Claire later meets the Chipmunks in person, she falls in love with them right away and begins to follow their career as her most recent assignment. When Dave later loses the Chipmunks to Ian due to a misunderstanding Claire shows genuine sympathy for his loss and loneliness. She later plays a pivotal role in helping Dave get his boys back by tricking guards into letting him in the Theater. At the end of the film Claire shows up to Daves house once again for dinner. She attended college with Dave and Ian.

The Squeakquel

It is thought the Claire might house the Chipettes in the live-action sequel due to the fact that Ms.Miller will not be in the sequel. Due to the fact of the presumed actors recent death.However the novel does not have her as a character and in the novel Theodore says the Chipettes will be staying with them for a while.

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