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Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson is Dave's ex-girlfriend in Alvin and the Chipmunks.

She is portrayed by Cameron Richardson.

Alvin and the Chipmunks[]

During the events of the film, Claire has recently enjoyed her success in photography for magazines. She's also shown to have broken up with Dave due to his inability to take their relationship seriously though still wanted more out of the relationship.

However, Dave is still in love with Claire and constantly tries to rekindle their relationship throughout the film. One such attempt is inviting her over for dinner in the beginning of the film. The dinner ends disastrously and Dave tries to explain about his recently adopted chipmunks but only proceeds to alienate a disbelieving Claire even more.

When Claire meets The Chipmunks in person, she falls in love with them right away and begins to follow their career as her most recent assignment. When Dave loses the Chipmunks to Ian due to a misunderstanding, Claire shows genuine sympathy for his loss and loneliness. She plays a pivotal role in helping Dave get his boys back by tricking guards who let him enter the Theater. At the end of the film, Claire shows up at Dave's house once again for dinner.


Like most women, she wants a good man who can take the relationship seriously enough. Dave being late for work is an example which she frowned upon. However, once she learns the events the Chipmunks and Dave went through, she seems to be more empathetic towards him due to her assumptions at the date being incorrect and even gives up her press and grants him entry into the concert which Ian tried to ban him from.


  • Cameron Richardson didn't reprise her role for the sequels because she disliked her experience on the first film.[citation needed]


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