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Chimpmania is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Jeanette is riding her bike saying hello to her neighbors (Miss Croner, Miss Miller, and Neville). But when she says hi to Neville. She saw a chimpanzee instead. Then she crashes into a trash can. She rings the bell at the Humphrey's. Bocarter answers. He disagrees with what Jeanette says. Then he slams the door shut in Jeanette's face. She tells her sisters, and the Chipmunks to free the chimp. They all are interested. Alvin has an idea to free it with using a helicopter. However, Jeanette has a great idea. But they caught Neville instead. He doesn't want and like the chimp. Neville distracts Bocarter during a video game he's playing. While Alvin and Jeanette are freeing the chimp. The take the chimp to the Seville house. In the Chipmunks bedroom. Officer Dangus rings the doorbell. Dave answers the door. Alvin tells everyone it's Officer Dangus. Everyone takes the chimp to the Chipette's Treehouse. Except Alvin. The chimp's diaper goes in the face of Officer Dangus. Officer Dangus vomits, then leaves. Alvin goes to the Chipette's Treehouse. Jeanette called the animal sanctuary and said they won't be there till 2 days. The Chipmunks dress the chimp as Alvin. He causes damage around the house. Dave thinks the real Alvin did it all. The chimp goes to the Chipette's Treehouse. Then it causes bad things around the park. Brittany, Eleanor, and the Chipmunks are their bedroom. Jeanette comes to calm it down. Bocarter barges in to take the chimp back. They followed Bocarter to his house till they were caught by Mr. Humphrey. Officer Dangus comes in. Bocarter gives the chimp back to them. The animal sanctuary takes the chimp. Then Jeanette gives it the ukulele before he leaves. Simon, Theodore, and the Chipettes miss him. Alvin gives them a video of him playing the ukulele.




  • The first song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.
  • The second song in this episode was originally from the 2003 direct-to-video film Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks.
  • This episode has similarities to The Alvin Show episode Ostrich.
  • The episode was incorrectly labeled as a rerun by the network, resulting in no ratings being available for its US premiere.[1]


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