Carsick is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When The Chipmunks get the measles, Dave spends so much time taking care of them that he becomes sick himself. Due to the illness he isn't able to fix his car for an antique car show so the boys promise to take care of everything for him. While Theodore makes Dave soup and Simon goes shopping, Alvin begins working on the car. Alvin has the exterior ready, but the engine is in pieces. Simon's able to put it back together, but a 12mm nut is missing. They check every store before heading out to see Myron the junk man. After finding the car they need, they tow it home. Dave sees it, freaks, and drives it to the car show. A stressed out Dave arrives to hear his car won first prize.




  • Goof: Dave drives the run-down car to the car show after Simon takes out a bolt needed to start the car.
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