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Cadet's Regrets is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Wanting to turn themselves into men, Alvin enrolls himself and his brothers in Camp Eagleton, a military-style cadet camp run by Sargent Granite. Simon and Theodore are surprised to learn that Alvin signed them up in the Red Beret Commandos, the toughest track in the camp. After the boys get haircuts and change into military clothing, they run an obstacle course with a full pack. As the sergeant tells Theodore he will lose his "spare tire," General Heskal drives by and decides to give the boys a lift on his way to deliver a Top Secret "toy" to Fort Jackson. At chow time Granite places the boys on a special "see-food" and dehydrated, high protein diet. Shorty after they overhear a conversation between the sergeant and the chef that they misinterpret, Alvin decides that they are running away at midnight. Theodore has a nightmare of being caught but still chances an escape.

Meanwhile, Granite meets the General to test an experimental high-tech jeep that can sense its surroundings, talk, drive underwater, and fly. Later that night, Alvin trips an alarm sending troops after them. Frightened, they jump into the jeep and Simon, believing he is starting the engine, presses the red button activating the fail-safe meant to carry out a mission to retrieve stolen classified photos. The jeep speeds across enemy lines with its terrified passengers and takes out a laundry truck that is scheduled to pick up the photos. Once at the drop, they unknowingly exchange passwords, pick up the photos, and race back towards the border while two men pursue. The boys (or rather the jeep itself) thwart their capture and arrive back at camp as heroes.




  • Dave doesn't appear in this episode.
  • This is one of the few episodes Alvin is seen hatless, as the Chipmunks are made to get buzzcuts and their civilian clothes are confiscated.
  • This was the fifth of six episodes to premiere in syndication.
  • Part of The Alvinnn!!! Edition DVD.


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