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Bye, George is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is in danger of flunking his American history class unless he can pass an upcoming test about the American Revolution. Thinking that he can get an easy A by going back to the days of the Revolution, he activates Simon's time machine but is interrupted by Simon, who aborts the process. As the two argue about the dangers of time travel for Alvin's personal gain, they are shocked to see a man sitting on the couch who wonders what this strange house is. They realize that instead of Alvin going back in time; the time machine abducted George Washington and caused him to be sent to the 20th Century instead!

The time machine is broken and Simon will have to make repairs. In the meantime, all Alvin can do is show George around the Seville residence. George is perplexed by all the technologies in this house, such as wondering where is the fire when the house lights up, whereas Alvin has to explain that instead of candlepower; electricity has been harnessed to light homes and power appliances. The Chipmunks learn about the cause of liberty and the Revolution, imagining themselves as soldiers fighting the Revolution, and George Washington comes to realize that all the 20th Century technology has been accomplished in part due to liberty. However, after Simon repairs the time machine, George Washington is unsure if he wishes to return to his rightful time. He admits he has been suffering defeat after defeat and is doubting the effectiveness of revolting against the Crown. Simon warns that if George does not use the time machne within a certain window, history will be altered as America will remain part of the British Empire, and there is no telling what might happen. Alvin convinces George to go back to his own time after pointing out the concepts of oppression and pointless regulations, to which George Washington remembers the cause of liberty. Before returning home, the Chipmunks give George a small gift to help him cope with the harsh Valley Forge winters.

Alvin wakes up, realizing it was all a dream. At school, Alvin aces his final exam and passes his class. As Simon and Theodore look in Alvin's history book, they are surprised to see a picture of George Washington wearing Alvin's gift of earmuffs, showing it may have been real after all. 




  • This is the third appearance of Simon's time machine since the episode Big Dreams.
  • This is the first episode to feature a U.S. president, in this case George Washington.


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