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Bully For You is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When an accident forces Simon to wear his embarrassing old glasses, he becomes the target of the school bully. Unwilling to remain a victim, Simon builds a homemade robot bodyguard that helps Simon stand up to the bullies.[3]


On the way to leave for school, Simon steps on Alvin's ball on the stairs before tumbling and breaking his glasses. Dave gives him his old glasses and he becomes the target of the school bully, Derek. Alvin finds the need to give Simon attacking advice that Alvin accidentally tries on Dave causing Dave to break Simon's new glasses and ground him for a week. Alvin fakes a call from Derek apologizing to Simon so he wouldn't be bullied worse for giving names to Dave. As he's bullied, Simon spends his evening time building a robot bodyguard and even though he receives new glasses, he wears the old ones on principle. Simon's bodyguard (nicknamed Cupcake by Theodore and the bullies) inspires fear into the bullies though they pick on others instead. He dresses Theodore as a bully and gives out pamphlets in hopes the bullies will evaluate themselves. When they choose not to, Simon's robot melts the Theodore bully. After reading some of the pamphlet, Derek beats up Cupcake and continues to harass Simon by tying him to his bike. Meanwhile, Eleanor does her best to rally the crowd to stop him. The next day, his brothers, The Chipettes, and a group of fellow students finally stand up with Simon and they all go to a party together.




  • Simon's old glasses, in this episode, are shaped just like Miss Smith's.
  • This episode reveals that Simon has nearsightedness, which means he can see things close to him but not from a distance. In this case, his vision isn't too poor, unlike Jeanette's.
  • This is the longest time in the CGI Nickelodeon series Simon has been seen without his glasses.
  • Derek apologizes and stops bullying Simon in this episode, although in later episodes he still isn't shown to be very nice, mostly to Alvin, but he never bullies Simon again - that is until the season five episode Bathroom Bully.
  • Simon originally named his robot "Conquistadora" which was a real world nickname for Spanish conquerors in the 16th century.
  • Derek mentions if Simon's machine is called "cuisinart," which is a real life brand that makes kitchen equipment. This is the first time a real life brand is mentioned in the series.
  • Theodore shouting "I'm melting!" is a direct reference to The Wizard Of Oz.
  • Goof: When Simon is stuck to the underside of the table there is no gum hanging down but there is in the shot in which he's flailing around where it didn't originally be.
  • Series Running Gag: Alvin says the wrong word/phrase - Conquister- Cwinquasters instead of Conquistadora.
  • The name of the boy in the orange/white hoodie was revealed by Eleanor as John.
  • This episode and its sister episode Clowning Around are the most viewed episodes of the series to date.
  • The clip of Simon tied to Derek's bike flagpole is included in the original series opening theme.
  • Part of the Back to School DVD.


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