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Brothers of Dagarack is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon falls ill and asks Alvin and Theodore not to go see a new movie without him, but Alvin is unable to resist.[1]


Theodore has prepared the Power Orbs of Plethora for the new Dagarack movie, but Alvin notices that Simon looks terrible. Ready to leave, Dave learns that Simon’s not okay and calls the doctor who informs them the blue-clad chipmunk can't see the movie premiere. Alvin makes Simon comfortable, and when asked to wait for him, Alvin promises he will while crossing his fingers. Simon mutters "glorble de blorble" as he drifts to sleep and Alvin explains to Theodore it means Simon wants them to see the movie without him. Simon interrupts the conversation so Alvin claims they meant they were creating a rap. Simon goes back to bed and the two race downstairs to see the movie, but Simon stops them using the sixth dimension. In their room once more, Brother Zargo asks Dargo to sing the "Dagarack Lullaby" in order to have peaceful sleep. Simon continues to stop them from trying to leave without him. Dave finds them out of bed and as Dave carries Simon back up, Simon sees Alvin's crossed fingers. Following a dream to punish Alvin for his betrayal, Alvin tests Simon one more time and gives up. Dave is not happy with Alvin, who admits he was wrong while getting sick in the process. The next day, Simon is all better though refused to see the movie considering its brotherly theme. Simon shows Alvin tickets for the next show and Theodore unfortunately walks in sick and delusional.




  • The doctor from Who's The Animal makes a reappearance in this episode.
  • Two recolored Harmony robots, the original seen in The App, make an appearance in Simon's dream.
  • Theodore does not appear in his normal outfit throughout the entire episode.


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