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Bromance is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon has found a new best friend, Jamie. He's smart, funny, and shares Simon's love of science. But when Jamie realizes that Alvin is the more popular brother, he ditches Simon to get in with the cool crowd. Can the brothers survive this new friend?[3]


Simon is explaining to Theodore that he and Alvin are trying to beat the undead army when Alvin gives Simon a "flying squirrel attack." Alvin flakes on him again to spend time elsewhere so Simon works on his science project. The next morning, Alvin nearly destroys Simon's project with another attack and Simon begins to predict Alvin's next attacks. Alvin jumps one of the teachers, leading Brittany to sign Alvin up to give a new student, Jamie, a tour. Alvin leaves Jamie with Simon and they become friends after discussing Simon's project. Alvin becomes available to spend more time with Simon again, but Simon's now busy with Jamie and they don't spend time together anymore. Once Jamie learns Alvin is one of the cool kids, he flakes on Simon and their dance class to go to a movie with Alvin. Now angry at Alvin for supposedly stealing his best friend, Simon texts Alvin that he's sleeping over at another friend's house. Alvin and Jamie arrive at the Seville House for a sleepover, but Simon is home so he has to hide. Alvin and Jamie play in the boys' room and Theodore does his best to help keep Simon hidden. Seeing as he's going to be discovered, Simon gives them a "flying squirrel attack". After Jamie leaves upset, Alvin informs Simon of how bad of a friend Jamie was and pays Simon back for his earlier attack, which not only annoys Simon, but Theodore as well.





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