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Brit's Picks is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Brittany's furious when she thinks Alvin has been writing on her blog and vows to get him back, but was it Alvin?[2]


Brittany reviews her blog, after spending all night working on it, when she experiences a computer freeze and employees Simon to fix it. He does though she runs off before informing her he may need to order a new part to fix it permanently. She tries to finish her blog but the issue returns and her worsening sickness confines her to bed. Meanwhile, Jeanette takes the computer back to Simon for the final repair. Jeanette writes Brit's blog posts as her sister rests, informing the readers about issues other than fashion such as volunteering and recycling. When recovered from her sickness, Brittany is shocked to discover the "garbage" on her blog and, with Jeanette's reluctance, concludes Alvin was behind the posts. Brittany leaves a note on Alvin's door and glued some of his things to the wall, freaking a confused Alvin out for he promises he didn't do anything. He attempts to show his brothers only to find his things no longer on the wall, now convinced they are messing with his head. Over and over Brittany pranks Alvin and to no avail can Alvin prove what happened to his brothers. Jeanette asks Brittany about Alvin's behavior before she reveals that she is actually the one behind the posts. She explains the blog seemed shallow though Brittany is hurt taking the comment as meaning she's shallow. A letter arrives for Brittany informing her that the blog has earned an award; Brittany, too upsets, tells Jeanette to go in her place. Meanwhile, Alvin's paranoia reaches extreme levels. When Jeanette returns, Brittany learns it was actually one of her posts that won the award, boasting the confidence of a reader, so the two team up. Despite Jeanette's plea, Brit refuses to tell Alvin the truth to keep him on his toes.




  • During the scene where Alvin jumps out of the cabinet onto Dave and bites into the plastic apple, three fruit paintings are displayed on the kitchen wall, two of which were painted by the French painter Paul Cézanne: the middle painting named Still Life with Fruit Dish and the bottom painting Still Life with Blue Pot.
  • The instrumental for "Run the Runway," a season one song, is heard in the background during the beginning of this episode.
  • Brittany's note to Alvin, "I know what you did last week," may be a reference to the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.
  • A sneak-peek was uploaded to Nicktoons UK.


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