• DEmersonJMFM

    Editing Tips

    October 20, 2012 by DEmersonJMFM

    Note: The following blog was the original version of Munkapedia's Manual of Style and might be different.

    My goal is to make this Wiki one of the best by having a clear standard of professionalism. In order to achieve this goal, I have created this blog to identify some of the most common mistakes in editing, show how we can together fix them, and state what should be avoided altogether.

    Issues with mechanics is the most common problem in editing. One of the easiest ways to improve the look of articles is with proper use of mechanics.

    • Punctuation: Never forget to add a period and restain from using commas when they are not needed.
    • Capitalization: Capitalize proper nouns (names, days of the week, months).
    • Spelling: If you are writing a new article…

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  • Marchbaby

    Just after I logged out I saw this and figured you guys would like to know. The CHipmunks are getting a new tv series if everything goes well according to this artile but sadly no dates for the series since if I read the article correctly they still need an agreement with this one company but if that goes well it looks like the Chipmunks will be back again. If I come across anything else I will update this post but I figured this was something worth posting about especially since I know a few of yu have been dying for a tv series. The one other article I read said that the TV series would use CGI that was redesigned for the series so sadly not hand d…

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  • Marchbaby

    Major site news

    June 1, 2012 by Marchbaby

    Me and Sj4evr have recently decided that due to how outdated the Policy is that it will be changed along with the possiability of the whole Council System itself as right now there is only 3 fairly active Council members and the current system does not spread out the power enough. As a result we have decided to promote a few users to the Council in order to try and balence the power a little bit more as well as make the Council more active than it currently is. Off hand I do not know how Sj4evr plans to promote them whether it be by who has made edits recently or those who have been active or what but I will be helping her pick the members to be promoted and that is why I wanted to create this blog so that if anyone is intrested in joining…

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  • SJ4evr

    How are we doing?

    April 28, 2012 by SJ4evr

    Hola! Once again I am on the blog area of Munkapedia, we have finished the editing of the major pages and tried to make them all pretty and so now the wall of crat only editing is coming down, tomorrow.

    Lots of pictures removed, grammar and spelling corrected and a remarkable amount of trimming to keep the amount of information consistent.

    To keep these articles pretty and not block you all out of the articles I suggest you

    • A. Not add superflous information, such as the whole plot of Chipwrecked I found on Brittany's page
    • B. Add equal amounts of all fomats of pictures (NOT JUST CG Thank you Deadlynova for keepng up with that, your amazing! :D )
    • C. Keep the user pages to JUST personality, and looks, no matter how much you want to talk about rel…
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  • SJ4evr

    Oh Spam...

    April 6, 2012 by SJ4evr

    I hate blogging about nothing but business related stuff.. I really want to know you all better however I find that our Wiki is not quite at that point yet... sigh.

    If you might have noticed our Wika has been going though quite a siege of Spam... most likely due to the most recent movie Chipwrecked. Popular movie = More Spam. Fun stuff huh? Keep on truckin y'all! The spam will go down... eventually. ;D

    For all who have been asking, I will eventually watch the new movie... when I can get a copy from the library. Not really excited about it admittedly, but I feel I owe it to all of you to watch it no matter how much I think they have killed the franchise. Confession time: The franchise was dieing at the turn of the century, they only did what t…

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