DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 20 May 2015

Wikia-Wide Article Layout Changes

All editors and readers: please give this blog a few moments of your time for input.

This discussion is in response to Layout Changes: Breakpoints and Typography. As a quick overview, this Wikia-wide update seeks to transition away from many different layouts of articles that changed based on the screen size you use (the previous fluid page design) to a few more similiar layouts that change based on breakpoints of screen sizes (or, simply size classes). The typography change included primarily an increase in font size given a larger screen size.

The purpose of this update is reduce content area for the largest screen sizes in order to reinforce the construction of articles that are appealing to smaller screen sizes by using more consistent la…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 1 April 2015

2014-2015 Munkapedia Statistical Report

Hey Munk family and friends! Over the last year I have been compiling stats to help chart the activity of the wiki in hopes of establishing long-term trends to help show where there is strength and where there is need for improvement. This data isn't currently available to the non-Admin community or in excess of a week at any given time. With the release of this statistical report, this trend will change with the planned release of annual reports compiled by Munkapedia's administration for community discussion.

The first graph shows Daily Total Wiki Views & Edits from April 7th, 2014 to March 31st, 2015. Views are graphed as the top line while edits are the bottom line. The gradient from red-yellow-green indicates what might be considered p…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 12 November 2014

New Video Policy

Hey guys! In light of the new series premiering in four months I find it fitting to tackle a relevant policy directly at videos. The wiki has never had a policy directed specifically towards videos. Some aspects of the site policy (and indirectly image policy) can be applied to videos but not all the important areas of videos. The following is a proposed video policy for Munkapedia.

  • Properly Licensed - Any video that is released by Bagdasarian Productions (such as their official Youtube channel), Wikia Video, or another production or film company. These videos have been released in a way as to not violate the copyright of the owner and are great additions to the wiki. These are the only type of video allowed to be featured on Munkapedia's m…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 6 September 2014

Writing Episode Plots

Hey guys. I'm writing this blog to expand more on the appropriate length for episode plots briefly outlined in Munkapedia's Manual of Style. As stated in the MOS, plots should state the important details of the episode without being overly detailed or broad. This can vary person to person so this aspect will be touched on further here.

In order to determine the right length for a plot, one first needs to know two things: the total length of the episode and whether there is a unique plot style. Regardless of the episode length or style, the plot itself should be an even distribution of the episode's content.

The first criterion is very easy to determine given on any episode page one can find the episode infobox to the right of the page. Under t…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 6 August 2014

Site Policy Review 2014

This is a review of Munkapedia's current policy to streamline content prior to the premiere of the new series. The community is welcome to read and add opinions in the comments below, but all final decisions will be made by the Council of Chipmunks. Additions are made in red, removals are crossed out, and comments are made in green.

Munkapedia, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki has policies that all users, including sysops, are responsible for reading and following while using the site. There are no exceptions for those who fail to read site policy! Following policy ensures a smooth road to success on the wiki, though violations of policy will result in warnings and further consequences.

  • 1 Creating Articles
    • 1.1 Unacceptable Editing
  • 2 Uploading Pictu…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 1 January 2014

NEW Visual Editor is Here!

A NEW Visual Editor is finally here! As promised, Wikia's newest release of a visual editor has been enabled on all Main pages of Munkapedia. As previously stated, this release seeks to aid users of this wiki in the transition to the eventual release of the new default editing experience on all wikis. The new editor strives to make editing much easier for those just getting started in editing on Wikia while retaining Source Mode for veteran editors who choose not to use the new release. General information about the release can be found on the Wikia's evolution continues with VisualEditor blog.

To use the new editor, simply click on the edit button as done in the past. When you do, a new screen will appear and the article will display not too m…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 17 December 2013

Chipmunks vs The Chipmunks: A Guide to Correct Usage

I've been meaning to write this blog for some time because I commonly see many people who seem to be confused in exactly how the characters should be referred to in articles. The following blog strives to remove that understandable misuse of terms commonly used throughout the franchise and on Munkapedia by explaining the subtle differences between those phrases.

  1. Alvin and the Chipmunks usually refers to the entire franchise but can also refer to the band of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Since the phrase can apply to both and there is another for just the group, the best time to use it is when referring to the entire franchise to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. Alvin and the Chipmunks (with italics) refers to either the 1980s series containing Seasons …
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SJ4evr SJ4evr 16 November 2013

Probably Very Important

Soo, I can see that I was marked inactive on here. Which is probably pretty true. I haven't edited for a month and a half. If your wondering where I went its just college and work stuff. Life has been busy.

With that said I think I need to say this, I think I've been an admin for too long. I've been admin for five years and active for about three years of it. These last two years Munkpedia , quite honestly, hasn't been a priority for me. So I think it is only fair to you the users and my fellow Crats that I probably should resign...

I feel really bad about not doing some official note or something but I feel this is the best way to let it out. Kind of quietly. If you think I should continue being Admin, go ahead and say so, but I think its f…

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DEmersonJMFM DEmersonJMFM 10 August 2013

NEW Character Page Images

Though popular in the community as seen by the poll conducted last year (approximately 57% supporting votes), CGI images will no longer solely represent the franchise's multi-generation characters.

Over the last couple months or so there has been serious discussion to replace the CGI character images that were displayed on the pages of the main characters. This idea of changing the profile pictures was brought up by two 80s fans, DeadlyNova and Simonseville27, earlier this year (I personally wished for the images to be changed since the beginning of the year, but I had more important matters to deal with around the wiki). 

These two editors brought up very valid reasons for them to be changed. Even being a strong CGI fan myself, I strongly ag…

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Marchbaby Marchbaby 11 June 2013

4th movie confirmed

At this time the title is tenetive and likely to change and the only other thing we know is the release dat of December 11th 2015 but at least Foxx finally confirmed the 4th movie is in the works. I am sorry for this blog being a bit short as it is 3a.m. here but I wanted to make the announcement before I go to bed and forget about it. So now there is both a new cartoon series and CGI movie in the works but neither has many details at this time. On a bit of a side note since we only know the release date please do not go and create an article about the 4th movie yet. If no one else gets to it I will add a small part to the Chipwrecked page ment…

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