Biggy Large, also known as Bigs, is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series. Bigs is known as the biggest rapper in the world.


Bigs is a large African-American man with a soul patch and brown eyes who wears a suit, pants, hat (all of which are white), and red shoes. His suit has golden buttons while his hat has a golden ribbon above the brim. He also wears gold-framed shades, a gold chain necklace, a gold three-finger ring on his left hand, and a gold ring with an orange-red stone on his right.


Bigs is a motivator and mentor-like figure; he encourages Theodore and records with him. He is a caring individual willing to help Theodore with his new career, but only if doing so doesn't ruin his image. Regardless, he respects the value of placing family first and shuns people who get in the way of that.



  • Biggy Large is likely a parody of the rapper Biggie Smalls.
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