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Best in Shoe is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


To land the lead role in a play, Alvin wagers Brittany that he can remain in character as a shoe cobbler.[2]


A crowd of students catches Alvin's attention and Theodore informs him that they are checking which part they got in the school play. Alvin rushes to see his role and is shocked to find that not only is he not the lead, but he's instead the shoe cobbler. Upset, he barges into the room where Mr. Dotson is teaching to learn why he was not given the lead; the role was given to Arthur because of his dedication and not for his talent. Mr. Dotson mentions the commitment of Jane Oliver's, a former student of his and crush of Alvin's, and once Brittany and Alvin disagree about whether or not Alvin can stay in character, Mr. Dotson makes a deal with Alvin. If Alvin can commit fully to his role for two weeks, he'll earn the lead in the next play ousting Brittany from her Cleopatra lead. Determined to see Alvin fail, Brittany enlists the Sevilles and her sisters to spy on Alvin, making sure he stays in character for every second. Alvin enters the Seville House, in character, with his assistant, Theodore. During dinner the shoe cobbler informs Simon of how he shines shoes and demonstrates to Brittany how he makes shoes. Brittany riles him up and Dave demands Alvin tone down his character during dinner. Upstairs the cobbler makes shoes, speaking gibberish, throughout the night as Simon and his assistant sleep. To catch him out of character, Brittany keeps surprising Alvin with a camera but every attempt is unsuccessful. Throughout the week he takes apart shoes to fix them, poorly at the start though with time his skills improve and students at school line up for shoe work. The day of the play finally arrives and Dave, Simon, Jeanette, and Eleanor are shocked to learn Alvin's role consists of two lines. Following the play Mr. Dotson introduces the students to Jane Oliver. She admits she's a big fan of Alvin's so Brittany prepares to catch him out of character. He remains in character, despite his desire to catch a selfie with her. Impressed by Alvin's dedication, she chooses to have a car pick him up to repair some of her shoes and later take a selfie with him once he's able to be out of character. Surprised at what happened, Brittany offers to be his assistant though he refuses given Theodore's already trained.




  • Michael Bagdasarian takes the role of voicing Alvin for his Scottish character, in this episode.
  • Cleopatra is mentioned.


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