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"Beautiful Things" is a song originally performed in the film Doctor Dolitle that is covered by The Chipmunks, featuring Dave Seville, in the album The Chipmunks See Doctor Dolittle.


Now fellas we haven't talked about Emma yet.
Who was Emma?

She was a friend of Doctor Dolittle and she shore was a pretty Girl.
But she became angry with Doctor Dolittle when he took the pushmi-pullyu to the circus.

That's right.
She didn't understand that he needed to make a scientific voyage and he needed the money to buy a ship.

Mathew sang to her.

I can't explain what it is that he is
But he is what he is for a very good reason
I can't explain why he does what he does
But he does what he does 'cuase his heart is pure
Of that much I'm sure

The Chipmunks:
The world is full of beautiful things
Butterfly wings, fairy tale kings
And each new day undoubtedly brings
Still more beautiful things

The world abounds with many delights
Magical sights, fanciful flights
And those who dream on beautiful nights
Dream of beautiful things

Beautiful days for shunshine lazin'
Beautiful skies and shores
Beautiful days when I can gaze
In beautiful eyes like yours

You wonder why the nightingale sings
Lovers have wings, people wear rings
The world is full of beautiful things
Beautiful people, too
Beautiful people like you