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Batmunk, an alternative identity of Simon Seville, is the main protagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Batmunk.


Batmunk is a superhero with high-tech weaponry to help him fight crime. He has a Bat Car that can change into a jet and submarine.

He dresses in blue and grey with a special yellow utility belt with the initials BM on the buckle that holds all his gadgets. He also wears gold-framed glasses so as not to reveal his identity with his traditional blue glasses. As Brice Wayne, he wears traditional suits and his original blue framed glasses.


He is determined to rid the city of crime and wants more than anything to see criminals give up their lives of crime. This is shown when he tells the Jokester's henchmen that he will only let them go if they give up their lives of crime.

As Brice Wayne, he lives in a mansion with Happy, his butler, and runs a special toy company. He also likes to support charities, one of these was making a special toy where the precedes would go to an orphanage because he comments that he was an orphan once.

He also likes to sleep in the way of a bat, upside down.


Batmunk (Cameo)

Batmunk's cameo in the intro

  • Simon's character was based on the title character and hero in the 1989 movie Batman.
  • In the opening titles of every The Chipmunks Go To The Movies episode, Batmunk appears with his eyes glowing while he is stopping a burglar.
  • His costume lacks the Bat-Symbol on his chest that is Batman's official emblem.
  • At the very beginning of the episode, before the Chipmunks start watching the movie, Simon is arguing with Alvin over on the villains having more fun than the heroes, explaining fun in a movie isn't everything and it is the triumph of good over evil which is a clue that he would play the title character.
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