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Bathroom Bully is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Miss Smith praises Simon's grades in class, Derek bullies him by not allowing him to use the boys' bathroom.[2]


After nearly the whole class gets a bad grade, Simon is the only one to not just have passed an assignment, but get extra credits for it (meaning he got an A+++), making Miss Smith feel the need to praise Simon. All the rest of the students glare at Simon, as he stares back nervously. After class, Simon expresses how embarrassed he felt as Miss Smith praised him, which confuses Alvin. Simon and Theodore then rush to the bathroom, needing to go at the same time. However, Derek stops Simon to bully him for getting praised in class earlier, but lets Theodore go. Simon tries to find alternatives such as the girls bathroom and the staff bathroom, but decides not to go into the girls, and gets caught by security when trying to get into the staff bathroom. After school, Simon tried to find the closest bathroom, but it is closed, forcing him to rush home to use it. After he finally uses the bathroom (and after a while of being in there) Alvin becomes suspicious and somewhat worried for Simon, to which Simon reassures there is nothing to worry about, and confides in Theodore not to tell the situation happening with Derek. Theodore wonders why Simon wouldn’t tell Alvin, and Simon confesses that he fears Alvin would just make it worse due to his overconfidence and overprotectiveness of Simon when it came to bullies but he told Theodore that Derek will move onto bullying someone else tomorrow. The next day, Simon was wrong when Derek is still refusing to let him use the boys bathroom. With that, Simon plans on making sure he doesn't eat or drink anything and gets Theodore to help him. So Theodore spends his time preventing Simon from any food or drink as Alvin tries to find out what they are doing while Coach Dobkins stops him from getting into the Staff bathroom. After Theodore boosts Simon up to the window in the Staff Bathroom, Coach Dobkins catches and takes Simon to detention much to Flyod Doston's surprise. After Detention, Alvin confronts Simon again and wants to know why he's acting weird all day but Simon still refuses to tell him and runs off. Alvin chases Simon, grabs hold of his trousers and pulls them off revealing his diapers. After Simon finally tells him about Derek's doing, Alvin suggests they take care of the problem right now. Although, Simon already tried talking sense to Derek, Alvin told him he doesn't know how to handle bullies. Alvin confronts Derek, tries to make Derek end his fun so Simon can use the bathroom again but he responds by hanging the two brothers on the staff bathroom door together causing Coach Dobkins to see and place them both in detention. Just then, Theodore arrives the window and told his brothers he'll take care of Derek but despite them telling him that he's just get in trouble, he goes off prompting Alvin and Simon to stop him. As Derek was talking to friends, Theodore apporaches him but also get hanged up on a locker while all students gather around them. Theodore talks to Derek about him hurting nice people like Simon because they think he's cool but they just think something is the matter. Although Derek denies it, Cheesy, Kevin and the others agree with Theodore when Coach Dobkins asked what's going on. Derek lies himself out of this but Coach Dobkins gives him detention next week and revealed that Alvin and Simon told him the whole story. Theodore told them he had everything under control and Alvin claims that he was awesome. Coach Dobkins tells Simon to go use the boys bathroom much to Simon's relief. As he heads to the door, the students cheer for him but Simon asked them all to clear the hallway since it is weird knowing they're out here. With that, Cheesy gets everyone to move along as Simon finally enters the boys bathroom.




  • The science teacher from Of Mice and Munks makes his first re-appearance.
    • The pizzeria owner from Pizza Dash also makes his first re-appearance all though he retired in said episode. Either he came back or this episode took place before “Pizza Dash”.
  • This is the second episode Derek has picked on Simon individually, the first being Bully For You.
  • Goof: Simon reads the sign as "Please be aware, the restrooms are out of order," when the sign actually and very clearly reads "Toilet out of order."[3]


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