Ballet Boys is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin's soccer team struggles, the coach makes the team learn ballet to help with their conditioning.[2]


Alvin experiences some stomach discomfort from candy which is affecting his conditioning on the soccer team. The coach informs the team that the school wants to culturalize them so the team's attendance to a performance of Miss Emma's ballet class is made mandatory. As Miss Smith introduces the performers, Alvin mocks ballet claiming it just involves arm flapping and twirling. He interrupts the routine, making Brittany confront him. Unamused by such behavior, Dobkins apologies to Miss Emma. Alvin's back-talking gives Miss Emma an idea, to use ballet for The Chipmunks' conditioning, and the couch requires them to attend practice for two weeks. During their first practice, Alvin has difficulty doing all the ballet moves while his brothers handle them with more ease, all the while other students laugh outside a window. The following morning Alvin is too sore to even move, however, Simon and Theodore aren't due to their stretching routines. Simon rubs some cream on Alvin's leg only for it to burn too much for him to do the other. At school, Alvin has to wobble down the hall. Brittany doubts his athleticism, but Alvin's confident he can do ballet and his brothers carry him up the stairs. When the boys continue practicing, improving their skills, and eating better, the audience outside shrinks and the brothers begin doing better at soccer practice than the rest of the team. The team attends another performance from the ballet class, and the boys confront them when they laugh by informing them of its difficulty, much to the coach's delight. The Chipmunks continue to do better than the rest of the team so they begin training them in ballet as well.




  • Parts of the background music in this episode contains similarities to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet composition, which was first released in 1875-76, and is one of the most popular pieces of music used for ballets.
    • Swan Lake is also mentioned a couple of times, in this episode.
    • The Dying Swan solo dance is also mentioned.
  • Goof: Simon claims Alvin doesn't know what a plié is, but they were shown in Missing Miss Smith.
  • Goof: In the scene after Amber trips over during ballet, the audience is laughing. But when they stop another Amber can be seen sitting in the audience.


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