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Back to School is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Dave discovers he didn't graduate from high school, he finds himself in school with Alvin. Talk about the Odd Couple.[3]


The Chipmunks arrive from school with Alvin complaining about math. Simon and Dave inform him of the importance of learning when the postman drops a letter off for Dave. Alarmed by the letter, Dave rushes to school where Principal Meadows informs him he failed math. Dave's nervous for his first day back, and, after Miss Smith introduces him, learns Alvin didn't do his math homework because it was too confusing. That night, Dave avoids doing his homework so he's unable to explain to the class the problems. Dave is given detention with Alvin, who passes to Dave a drawing of Miss Smith. In order to prevent Miss Smith from seeing it, Dave forces himself to quickly eat it. Alvin learns Dave is just like him and they begin getting in trouble and spending more time together. Simon and Theodore, who are ashamed of Dave's actions with Alvin, confront Dave. They keep him awake until he has the knowledge to answer Miss Smith's question the next day. Still wishing to help Alvin, they develop a plan to get Alvin to indirectly answer questions he can relate to. Alvin and Dave improve their math scores allowing Dave to pass his final exit exam. At home, The Chipettes inform Dave of his graduation party and he yells "ALVINNN!!!"




  • This episode verbally suggests that the school seen in the series is a high school when Dave says "Are you saying I didn't graduate from high school!?"
  • A sneak peak clip was released on in the US.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Good Luck Mr. Whiskers.
  • Part of the Back to School DVD.


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