Back to Our Future is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


Alvin, Simon, and Theodore of the 90s go back in time to 1957 to meet Alvin, Simon, and Theodore of the 50s, thanks to Clyde Crashcup's time machine. In this episode, The CD Cover's Faded Away and The Chipmunks meet the original versions of themselves (originally created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.). Many of the antics of this episode revolve around the fact of the cultural differences between the 50's and the 90's, such as the difference between Mousse and Moose. The show also makes a point of the difference in styles of art and voices. They end up going back in time so that they will not cease to exist in the future. They may not exist due to the fact Alvin gets a sudden interest in Dry Cleaning, believing that is where his future is.

In the end, the Chipmunks end up in their original time periods due to the fact that Alvin gave up the idea that he should be a dry cleaner.



Behind the Scenes

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