Back to Dave's Future is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


While Dave attempts to write a song for his High School reunion, Alvin breaks Simon's time machine. Frustrated by the noise, Dave takes the boys to the park where a merry-go-round sends The Chipmunks back to 1962. They meet a younger, insecure Dave who has failed multiple times in his music, and is being pressured by his father to go to accounting school. Dave is starting to feel he would be a better accountant than a musician. The boys don't wish to end up as accountants as well so they follow Dave home and convince his father to give Dave another chance. As Alvin writes a new song and Simon determines the exact time they must leave at the merry-go-round, Dave rests. The next day is the prom, and Dave is confident to take the stage. With the Chipmunks, they perform "High Tech World". The Chipmunks barely make it to the playground to use the merry-go-round for their return trip. Back in their current time, Dave picks up the Chipmunks at the playground. Dave says he is readying for his 25th high school reunion and will perform the same song "some good friends" of his helped him with long ago..."High Tech World". Alvin explains what he thought happened, before Simon and Theodore tell Dave that they fell off the merry go round and Alvin hit his head. After that, a baffled Alvin questions whether the time travel thing was a dream or not, while Dave carries him home.




  • The title is a spoof of the film Back to the Future.
  • This episode seems to contradict Grandpa and Grandma Seville, where Dave's parents are shown to be farmers. Here, Dave's family lives two blocks from school and his father is an accountant. However, it could have been possible Grandpa Seville bought a farm after he retired from accounting and became a gentleman farmer.
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