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Attack of the Zombies is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin's watching TV when it begins turning off mysteriously. He keeps switching it back on until he hears some giggling from the closet and learns Simon's created a remote that controls every TV in the house in order to prevent Alvin from watching a zombie show. Dave overhears Alvin claiming he can do what he wants and sends him to deliver a package for Miss Croner. The elder lady explains it's a zombie fighting kit and she has experience fighting zombies before offering Alvin to watch the zombie show with her. Alvin returns home immediately with the urge to board up the house to protect themselves from an invasion, but Simon plainly states that there are no zombies and they will always be safe. Alvin and Theodore sleep together, ending up in the same dream. In their dream, they both run around the neighborhood saving people from the zombies that are trying to get them. The next morning at school, Jeanette sneezes three times (a sign of zombification, the others being foot dragging and drooling) so Alvin's devastated. Throughout the day they discover signs that Eleanor, Brittany, and Dave have also been converted. Desperate and scared, they rush to Miss Croner, who sneezes three times leading the pair of chipmunks to steal her zombie fighting kit thinking she's one of them. On a mission to save Simon, all of the zombies converge on the Seville House allowing the zombie fighters to "neutralize" them. Learning they were never zombies, Dave explains he didn't want Alvin to see the show in order to protect him.




  • Alvin's comment about being too young in human years to watch a zombie show but not in chipmunk years would suggest that chipmunks mature at a different rate than humans.
  • This episode reveals Jeanette and Miss Croner suffer from hay fever.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of He Said, She Said.


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