Ask Alvin is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When Alvin is giving Theodore fashion advice, Dave interrupts hoping to find out what happened with his room. As Dave is stuck within his new waterbed, Simon angrily confronts Alvin about dressing up his hybrid potatoes to look like him. Simon is unsure what to do about Alvin's unsolicited advice, and Theodore suggests seeing the show Take It From Me, a show featuring an actual professional named Mr. Advice who offers decent, solicited advice. However, the brothers get another run of bad luck after they tune in to find out Mr. Advice has retired and the show is on hiatus until a replacement can be cast. After Alvin decides to be the new Mr. Advice on the show, his brothers' support the cause on the basis he will be so busy with the show he cannot offer them any advice. Simon and Theodore pretend to be people who are better off as a result of Alvin's advice which wins Alvin the job. Unfortunately he doesn't stop giving his family advice. As a result, there is a hole in the side of the house, Theodore becomes covered with berries, Dave nearly falls off a cliff, and Simon's lab explodes. When Alvin goes too far on his show, his brothers and Dave decide to disguise themselves as strangers and guest on his show. Alvin decides to stop giving out advice though he ends up giving advice on what restaurant to go to soon after.




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