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Armenuhi Kulhanjian

Armenuhi Kulhanjian (otherwise mostly known as simply "Armen") was the wife of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr., and the mother of Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., Carol Bagdasarian and Adam Bagdasarian.

She was the grandmother of Vanessa Bagdasarian and Michael Bagdasarian, additionally.


She and Ross met shortly after he had left the army and returned to Fresno to continue working in grapes. He had his way of showing off to her, by branching out and leasing sixty acres of land, all grapes, in order to make a small fortune and prove to her that her choice had been a wise one.

They had been married since 1946, up until his death in 1972.


  • The 1956 composition, "Armen's Theme," was named after her.
  • In addition to their children, she also formerly had been willed the rights for The Chipmunks after Ross' death.[1]
  • Absolutely very little else is currently publicly known about Armenuhi, even the basics such as her birthday and (possibly) death date, and likely there never will be much unless living relatives or descendants come forth.