ALVINNN!!! Season Two Songs Card

"Anything Is Possible" is an original song performed by The Chipmunks in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks episode Summer Camp and has yet to be released as part of an Alvin and the Chipmunks album.


The Chipmunks:
Do you wanna (step) step, step (step), do you wanna (wanna do it, step) step?
Do you wanna (step) step, step (step), do you wanna (wanna do it) step?

Heartbeats hardwired, we are on fire
This is our time, we're gonna fly away
They can't stop us, we got the right stuff
This is our time, so what you gonna say?

Keep believin' and we (keep believin') touch the sky
Keep movin' and it's on (it's on) we got it now (we got it now, do you wanna step?)
Keep reachin' up and (step, do you wanna step?) soarin' high
One (do you wanna step?), two (step), one, two (do you wanna step?), three, four

Yeah, we're on top of the world
Yeah, and anything is possible
Step up, step up, pick up the pace and go
Yeah, and anything is possible

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